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OOZING sores around vagina at 52
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I have sores around my vagina that come and go. They do ooze a puss at times and are very painful. I do shave it and was hoping that was the reason. I am a young widow and was with one man almost my entire life. I had never had a problem then. I found nernet dating to be facinating now and have had unprotected sex with many many men. They cant resist my pretty blonde hair. I have tried to remember where I may have picked something up but due to the numbers and a few times threesomes it seems impossible. I am hoping they will eventually go away as I get tired of trying to explain them to new partners. Anyone have any ideas? Concerned in Ridley Park
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Joan Piraino
What you describe sounds like it could possibly be a case of genital herpes. Next time an outbreak appears, visit a physician and have a swab and culture of the sores done. Otherwise, a herpes type specific blood test should be able to tell you your herpes status.
Sounds like Genital Herpes for sure.
Joan Piraino
It sounds to me like you are lucky if it is just herpes. The activity you are doing seeems to put many many men and women in danger. Please use protection if you are going to be so permiscuious.
I recommend a trip to the doctor for an exam and a full std work up. This could be many thing from syphillis, herpes, bacterial infection etc. Do not shave your pubic hair until this has cleared up. I'd also throw out whatever razor it is you've used in the past if you haven't already - it very well could be contaminated with bacteria. Certainly have your fun and sow a few oats honey ( you go girl - 52 and still having 3somes!! ) but just be smarter about it. Get yourself std testing on a regular basis and ask your partners to get it too. Use condoms to reduce your risk of acquiring most std's. Also don't forget about using lube too - it'll help cut down on irritation in your genital area which is always a good thing. grace